MARSALA: Setting the trend for 2015

Have you ever wondered who intervenes in the choosing of the colors of the  season? There’s a certain corporation that has opened the doors for us about everything regarding the use of color and its variations. From New Jersey to the  world, the American company Pantone has emphasized the importance and appreciation of color through different fabrics, plastic and all kinds of printed materials. Every year, Pantone reunites a carefully chosen group of color lovers and connoisseurs in order to decide which is going to be the color that will set the trend during that period of time. This 2015, the lucky winner is Marsala. Named after a local wine produced in the surroundings of the Sicilian city of Marsala, Italy, the shade chosen by Pantone promises to give fashion a year full of elegance and refinement. At, we’re already ahead of the trend. Shop the classiest outfits now available and start 2015 off on the right note (or should we say tone?).

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