If you´ve been reading our blog for a while, you should know that our philosophy at Children Chic is very inspired in traveling and global culture. Fashion and travel have a strong relationship; patterns come and go in different shapes and colors from Asia to South America, from Africa to Europe (in our case directly from Spain to New York). Similarly, ideas spread fast and trends originated in one country conquer the rest of the world in no time. Getting to know the places that surround us also pushes us to meeting people and understanding different points of view, which enrich our knowledge and culture.
The creative team at Kate Spade seems to share this thought, since they published a book we highly recommend you to read: “Places to go, people to see”. The volume takes us on a trip around the world, based on the adventures and experiences of the lady that actually inspired the story. Composed of very graphic content and quotes that make us think beyond the obvious, the book provides suggestions of activities to do (family fun included!) in a series of luxury destinations across the world, from St. Moritz to Palm Springs. It beautifully shows us vintage pictures of timeless pieces of clothing that combine with breathtaking landscapes. “Places to go, people to see” also represents both the evolution and the essence of women’s way of thinking when it comes to fashion and travel.
Each month, we strive to give you the best tips for trips to exotic destinations and a few Children Chic outfit suggestions to bring with you. Today, we’re literally opening a world full of possibilities for your upcoming vacations. Regarding the garments, we already have a solution: pack light and smart! The perfect place to find this mix is at, so don’t miss any more time and get ready for an unforgettable journey.

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