We’re always looking for sources of inspiration. This is why we were so awestruck when we discovered the new Spanish brand Babidu. Created to dress the little ones, the company is dedicated to baby fashion and childcare. To craft each piece, Babidu uses 100% combed cotton that eliminates possible shrinkage and is more durable throughout time. The origin of the brand goes back approximately 15 years, when its founders started to create bodies and different underwear pieces such as undershirts for little children. After realizing that they had a very active market, they decided to expand their company and go down a new road. Soon after, Babidu was selling clothes that consolidated the phrase “look sharp from inside out”. Without forgetting that its roots are in children basics, Babidu has made a statement in baby fashion as well. They even sell cute pajamas! When you access the webpage you can find a wide variety of outfits and the latest lookbooks, illustrated in a friendly manner that make you want to see your kids wearing them as soon as possible. It is great for us to know that other Spain-based companies are investing in children fashion, since it motivates us to be better everyday and to strive  towards success. When looking through their collection, we realized that some awesome combinations could be made between Children Chic and Babidu, but we will let you pick your own. Visit and and make the choice that fits your baby best!

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