When the Empire State Building lights up with a bright shade of purple on the last days of May, you know it’s time to switch outfits to caps, gowns and formal dresses. The NYC landmark emanates this color to celebrate the annual ceremony that brings joyful families from all over the world together in a single place: NYU graduation.  Just as this event, thousands of high school and college graduations take place during the months of May and June. At childrenchic, we take advantage of the occasion to “dress to impress”: we make our children look their best by mixing and matching clear yet colorful tones. After all, it is almost summer! Don’t forget that the best way to make remarkable memories is to wear remarkable clothes (this applies to both the ceremony and the graduation party that comes afterwards!)

PS: if you want to make the graduation experience extra special for your baby, you can always get him a teddy bear like this one



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