We all know that the best gifts are the ones that help us showcase our emotions towards a loved one.  For this reason, we conclude that "open when" letters are the perfect way to express our feelings to family and friends. What makes these letters different from the common ones, is that they are meant to be open in specific moments in the future. To make this idea clearer, we have put together a list of possible topics. The best part is that you can feel free to create your own! Share your thoughts with your kids and let them know you are there when they feel sad, hungry or even when they turn 10.

  1. …You first receive these letters.
  2. … You’re missing me a lot.
  3. … You need someone to talk to and I’m not picking up.
  4. … We haven’t talked in a while.
  5. … You feel lonely.
  6. … You’re feeling sad.
  7. … You feel like crying.
  8. … You are crying.
  9. … You’re stressed out.
  10. … You’ve had a bad day.
  11. … You need a hug.
  12. … You need some love.
  13. … You need to know how much I love you.
  14. … You can’t sleep.
  15. …you get a bad grade on something important.
  16. … you graduate.
  17. … You need a laugh.
  18. … It’s summer break.
  19. ... It's your birthday
  20. ... It's your birthday!




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