Have you been in a rush all year? Are you tired of organizing everything at home and planning trips? We totally get you. As the end of summer starts getting closer, we recommend you to take advantage of more relaxed activities that will make this summer actually seem like a vacation. We highly suggest you to go to one of the screenings of great family-friendly movies like “Annie”. This week, it will be shown in the Hudson River Park (also known as the perfect place to catch a glimpse of the sunset). However, in the East Side of the city, the are tons of new things to do as well. Jeppe Hein is showcasing his sculptures at the Brooklyn Bridge Park, taking interaction to the next level and allowing kids to touch all of the exposed artworks.


    If you want to make sure that your little ones will remain happy throughout the whole day in the park, you should definitely take them to brunch a little earlier. Atrio at the Conrad is the best choice for a family-friendly meal, you can show the kids the 100-by-80-foot painting "Loopy Doopy" in the 15-story, glass-ceilinged lobby, before heading to get delicious ricotta hotcakes.



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