During this month, a series of very unique events will take place in the city. As we’re sure you now, NYC Restaurant Week started a few days ago. While going through Manhattan in search of the best kids-friendly options, we found Murray’s Cheese Bar and the classical Sarabeth’s to be the best choices. The former offers one of the best mac & cheese in New York, made with a variety of fromages. Similarly, Sarabeth’s has also adapted some of its dishes to become more attractive for kids and families; you can’t go wrong with the delicious “Baby Bear” (a plate of porridge with milk and honey).


Amongst the unique events that we mentioned before, Arthur Ashe’s Kids Day is perhaps one of the most exciting ones. Otherwise known as the U.S. Open’s annual family festival, it is the place where the little ones can watch tennis pros like Djokovic exhibit their skills.  There are also youth tennis workshops going on, a Hess Toy Truck obstacle course, autograph signings, face painting, storytelling and, of course, live music.


Meanwhile, Walks of New York, known for it’s tours exploring notable neighborhoods and family attractions in NYC, has created a brand-new excursion that delves behind the scenes into some of the most popular Disney plays for kids in NYC. Check it out!





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