Do you want your girls to look this chic? All you need is a good outfit and a delicious recipe. childrenchic has the baby girl outfit covered, don’t forget to check it out! Now, regarding the food… When the weather starts getting cooler and cooler, we start craving different treats. Fall means candy, cinnamon, ginger, pumpkin and apple. We’ve put together a few of our favorite children recipes, every single one of them with a twist that makes them just right for this autumnal season. Enjoy!


  • Candied apples: we love the way the cinnamon candy coating complements the sweetness and cool crunch of the fruit.

  • Tarte tatin: one of the best things the French brought to America. This classic apple-based dessert is an all-time favorite for the kids.

  • Caramel popcorn: delicious, fun and different. Great snack choice for a movie night!

  • Savory owl snacks: making this cute little “owls” is almost as fun as eating them afterwards. The kids will love their shapes!


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