It’s still somewhat cold and rainy in New York City. Luckily for us, we still have our winter childrenchic outfits in our closets, ready to help us endure the freezing weather. Hold on for a little longer, this season will be over soon, and new outfits will come with warmer temperatures! The weather this weekend is the perfect indicator (and an even more perfect complement to our new collection, which will be out Monday).

Regarding fun activities this weekend, “Little Bookworms at Nitehawk” is taking place across the bridge in Williamsburg. The event invites you and your children to enjoy some movies (Where The Wild Things Are this Saturday) and to get delicious brunch.

Located over the other side of the world, in Shanghai, the Kids Museum of Glass is a great escape from the routine and an incredible place for children to immerse themselves into a world of art and atypical glass structures. We know it’s kinda far, but we promise it’s 100% worth the visit!


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