As you well know, we love to talk about mom. But this week is ALL ABOUT DAD! Next Sunday we’re celebrating Father’s Day, so we’ve put together some “dadinspiration”, ranging from what-to-dos on this important date to outstanding men who we look up to as fathers. 

Sunday is the perfect day to brunch in the city, so why don’t you take your whole family to Russ & Daughters? Dad is going to love the place! It serves some of the best smoked salmon bagels in New York. After a delicious meal, we recommend a trip to the Yankee Stadium to watch the Tigers game. The game day/father’s day vibes will grant a great space for family bonding.

 On the other hand, if you’re heading to a more elegant outing, you can take all the dadinspiration you need from these pictures of President Obama and Brad Pitt. But no matter what you choose to do on Father’s Day, remember that at childrenchic we’ve got the right outfit to do it, from casual game day looks to cute dresses that will certainly impress.