Giving Back

El Buen Coser, the cooperative of Petare – located in Caracas, Venezuela – is one of the largest slums in Latin America. Petare was formed on the steep hills overlooking Eastern Caracas and is ridden with violence and poverty. Childrenchic sees El Buen Coser, especially the women of that area, as a source of true inspiration.
The story of El Buen Coser begins with a woman named Consuelo who put together an initiative to provide women in the impoverished community with entrepreneurial and small business skills to boost their income and rise above their lives of poverty. Consuelo realized she could integrate her two passions – sewing and the determination to help women reach better lives. Because of those passions, El Buen Coser is a thriving business entirely of women and offers opportunity and stability to many. The art of sewing is their way of life.
Childrenchic is truly inspired by the women of El Buen Coser and has partnered with them to create the clothing bags for the delivery of their products. In this way, Childrenchic is proud to celebrate the exciting world of premier children’s fashion and the continued success of inspiring women around the globe!